Context and Aims

Mobility and networking are two important emerging issues. Learners and teachers, as well as workers, especially in developed countries, are continuously involved in ubiquitous relationships with other people on the net, exchanging information and sharing knowledge and skills. However, in the field of mobile learning, a great deal of emphasis has been placed on technologies and content transfer, while the potential to support community building processes through the integration with other socio-technical mechanisms such as social networks has tended to be underemphasised.

In this context, the SoMobNet Theme Team focuses in particular on how network-based technologies may foster the sense of community and reciprocal learning and aims to investigate the following research questions:

  • How can/do mobile devices support workers’ community building through social networks? (related to Grand Challenge theme ‘”Connecting learners”);
  • What models of assessment are possible through new mobile devices in informal learning situations? (related to “Orchestrating learning”);
  • How can mobile devices support workers’ training between real (e.g., their office, or classroom and so on) and online contexts (e.g., social networks)? (related to “Contextualizing learning”).

SoMobNet Research Questions


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